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back pain relief success story

I had a car accident and went to see Dr. Sullivan, who referred me to South Scottsdale Chiropractic for my back and neck pain (whiplash). Soon after starting treatment with Dr. Leibmann, the pain started to ease, movement returned to my neck and less medication was required from my M.D. I was able to play soccer again. My first soccer game after treatment without practice, I felt great after 90 solid minutes...a lot better than I could ever have expected. SSC provide the best service I could ever have expected, exceeded both with the friendly staff and wonderful treatment. They always are able to accommodate my schedule even at short notice.

Steve Wake

My first visit to South Scottsdale Chiropractic was to seek treatment for a motor vehicle accident. My symptoms began the day after the accident. I came to see Dr. Leibmann on the recommendation of my attorney. The accident had left me stiff and in a lot of pain. I now have virtually no pain, more mobility, more energy and no headaches. I instantly felt comfortable with Dr. Leibmann and the whole staff. Thank you for all your help and kindness.

Amy Lindsay

I was initially seen in this office for pain between my shoulder blades. I am a hairdresser and work caused my problem. I have a lot less pain and it is much easier working now. I have also noticed a reduction in allergies and I feel better in general. It has been such a good experience that my three and half old year old daughter has been getting adjusted also. Everyone at this office is great, just like family. My daughter and I feel right at home.

Sandy Zavala

About twelve years ago I began having migraine headaches and back pain. I consulted a D.O. and an M.D. Both told me to lose weight and then they ran tests. The diagnosis was, "it just happens". I continued to have pain and took Aleve and other medications to abate the pain. Since beginning chiropractic care, my migraine headaches have improved at least 50% and my back and hips feel better. In addition my breathing is easier and I am more relaxed overall. My ex-boyfriend referred me to Dr. Leibmann. I love you guys, thanks for everything

Amy Jo Hatton

Since I started working in construction my back has suffered years of abuse. The pain was mostly in my lower back. The progress I have made is that I can still work and have no pain. I can also do normal things in my every day life. I am healthier and don't get sick as often. Regular maintenance is important.

Rick Daly

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